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Bear Grylls Top Adventure Activities in Britain: Scotland, Wales & More

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MalhamCove_YorkshireDales (Photo credit BGV)

Bear Grylls, the British celebrity adventurer who has seen unprecedented fame as an extreme sportsman thanks to his shows Man vs. Wild, originally titled Born Survivor: Bear Grylls in the United Kingdom, has a few top adventures that can only be had in the UK, where he got his start.

So maybe you're not trying to jump off cliffs and swim cold waters to eat seal blubber on your next vacation to England, Wales, or Scotland (or maybe you are!), but these doable adventures he's crowned as his top destinations in the UK will have your heart pumping at least just a little for the amazing views they'll render. From kayaking and hiking to the highest peak in the UK to family fun activities, Bear Grylls has some awesome destinations and itineraries for your next vacation in Britain.

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BearGrylls_Llyn Penninsula_Wales (Photo credit BGV)

Bear Grylls has traveled the length and breadth of the country exploring the dramatic coastal and mountain terrain and shared his experiences of the best mountain top view, his favorite hidden lakes to hike to, and where his adventure academies are based for those who what to sharpen their outdoor survival skills. Through his adventures he opens up magical moments on offer across Britain to inspire people to get out and explore the country. #OMGB (Oh my GREAT Britain)

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Detergents That Don't Suck to Wash Your Technical Clothes In & Get the Odor Out!

Sick of washing your outdoor gear and clothes, plus all your fitness clothes, and they still stink? I feel your pain—and, um, smell it.

But here's where that tragedy ends.

I tested the several highly touted brands like Tide and a few little-known brands like Hex Performance and was blown away by the inefficacy of some and the complete rocking effects of others. Read on for testing notes and why you need to go boutique by using this up and coming brand Hex at least on just your more prized activewear gear to clean, protect, and preserve it better.

This article originally appeared in the Sept/Oct issue of Muscle & Fitness Hers magazine.

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The Best Workout Underwear for Women

Nobody wants to talk about their underwear—for good reason. Because no one wants to hear about your underwear. But...there's one exception to that. When a pair of underwear or a garment is so breathable, comfortable, and perfect for working out, gear-heads perk up (even if they're self-termed as fitness fashionistas).

That's the total trifecta that I want in my panties. (!)

I tried all the best brands of underwear for active women—Under Armour, Moving Comfort, Nike, Knix Wear, and Thinx Period Panties—and I did AMRAPs, EMOMs, several-mile runs in the summer and more to find the top three underwear for women who workout, to keep you high and dry, even if it's that time of the month.

This article originally appeared in Muscle & Fitness Hers print magazine and then online.


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